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Massage therapy has been shown to relieve depression, especially in people who have chronic fatigue syndrome other studies also suggest benefit.

Our Services

Facial Lymphatic Drainage plus scalp massage

This distinctive massage technique combines facial lymphatic massage
with neck and scalp massage to encourage profound relaxation of cranio-facial tensions and thorough drainage.

Manual Lymph Drainage for Wellness Improvement

Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) is like a superhero for your body! It's
amazing at reducing swelling, boosting your immune system, maintaining a healthy balance in your immune responses, detoxifying, and giving your body a well-deserved break from tension.

Lymphatic Massage for Post-op Healing

This treatment protocol combines Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) with
scar tissue mobilizations to treat bloating and fluid retention after medical surgeries or Lipo procedures; it’s a fast pain reduction, making post-op recovery a breeze.

Craniosacral Therapy

This treatment protocol is beneficial to those who suffers from migraine
headache, stress, brain concussion, neck restrictions, sleep issues, scoliosis, ADHD, somatic emotional trauma and more.

Hot Stone Qua Sha Massage

This hot stone qua sha massage delivers comfortability from steady
heat source of hot stone device throughout the session. Meanwhile, it enhances the benefits of qua sha to eliminate the negative toxins from your tight soft tissues.

Onnetsu Method Infrared Thermal Massage

The combining benefits of Far
Infrared pad and Onnetsu Infrared massage device enhances the therapeutic massage therapy experience and offers relief for a wide range of conditions- stress, shoulder ache, back, knee, ankle & foot pain, fatigue, Rheumatism, menstrual pain, constipation, Insomnia, nervous system disease, sports injuries, Asthma, blood pressure, diabetes, etc.

Hot Stone, Cupping Massage with Body Wrap Treatment

Elevate your relaxation to new heights by indulging in our exclusive
massage therapy. This lavish treatment harmoniously combines the healing aspects of cupping, comforting hot stone therapy, infrared technology, fragrant essential oils, and a revitalizing body wrap. Immerse yourself in unparalleled serenity and heighten your sensory experience with a truly luxurious offering.

About Us

Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD)

Las Vegas Lymphatic Massage operates as a part of Body Kinetics Wellness, a small family-operated business owned by women. The founder, Christina Chao, encourages her family to invest in learning and knowledge related to restorative wellness care. Arthur Chao is currently enrolled in the doctoral program for physical therapy at Touro University, with the goal of assisting those in need to achieve a pain-free life. Mimi Wang is an advanced aesthetician specializing in post-lipo lymphatic recovery, lymphatic facial and post-liposuction body sculpting, with the goal of assisting those in need to restore beauty and wellness.

As for Christina herself, she holds many certifications for Functional Diagnostic Nutrition, Craniosacral Therapy, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Lymphedema Compression, Oncology massage and many others. Her determination is focused on helping people lead better and balanced lives.

We believe

Las Vegas Lymphatic Massage focuses on specialized treatments for people’s physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. We believe in the potency of simplicity to nurture your body’s self-healing abilities, a remarkable balance that is inherently designed within you by nature.  


Pricing Plan

Las Vegas
Lymphatic Massage to national and international standards for healthcare hospitals.

Facial Lymphatic Drainage plus neck and scalp massage

$ 75.00

30 Minutes

Manual Lymph Drainage for Wellness Improvement

$ 165.00

1 hour 15 minutes

Lymphatic Massage for Post-op Healing

$ 165.00

1 Hour 15 minutes


$ 135.00

1 Hour

Hot Stone Qua Sha

$ 175.00

1 hour 15 minutes

Onnetsu Method Infrared Thermal Massage

$ 195.00

1Hour 15 Minutes

Hot Stone, Cupping Massage with Body Wrap Treatment

$ 235.00

1 Hour 30 Minutes


The staff was so informative. I’ve never liked massages but the treatment I was given was the best. Christine was gentle but effective . I left feeling my best. Next day I had my procedure and I dont feel so bad. BEST Decision I made!! Read More

Janae Dumas

Cristina has made a huge difference in my post-op recovery! Her Lymphatic Active Treatments and LED Light Therapy have helped me get back to normal! Back in Feb I had an arm lift and breast lift. Everything with the surgery was technically great (no infections etc.) however my body was just not happy with the disruption! I was experiencing severe edema and lots of pain and weird sensations at the incision sites as well as very limited range of motion in my arms (couldn't even raise them past my chest). My surgeon wasn't much help- his advice was to just start going back to my normal routine, which without the use of my arms was kind of impossible, not to mention with the swelling I was feeling sluggish and miserable. I was 2 months post op at that point and becoming increasingly depressed. Then I found Body Kinetics online. I sent a message and explained what I was experiencing. Cristina got back to me right away and I scheduled an appointment. From the first appointment I have made huge improvements. I've got all of my range of motion back in my arms and the edema is under control. I feel like myself again! Before coming here, I honestly questioned if I'd ever feel "normal" again. Cristina is extremely knowledgeable, welcoming, and I've always felt comfortable in her care. The office is extremely clean and relaxing as well. If you are post op and need help like I did, do not hesitate to give Body Kinetics a call!

Jo N

I saw Christine for a cranial sacral treatment. She put me at ease immediately, this is new for me and not knowing what to expect I was a bit nervous before I got there. The facility was very clean and relaxing. I felt almost immediate benefits from my session and am anxious to set a plan with Christine soon. Namaste Christine 😊

Donna Garrison

Christina is FABULOUS at what she does! I received the lymphatic massage and she was so incredibly knowledgeable and shared so much helpful, useful information with me. I can't wait to return to Vegas in September and have another session with her.

Jennifer Noel


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